Private student projects still publicly accessible

Problem description:
My students made websites in a education team. Their projects are all on private: “Only you can see and edit this repl.”

Expected behavior:
Students’ projects cannot be accessed by anyone except themself en the teacher.

Actual behavior:
When students use the following link, they can access everyones’ website.

Steps to reproduce:
I don’t want to share the accountname of one of my students publicly

Bug appears at this link:


Hey @kirstenkingma!

While the code and the ability to edit the Repl is limited to only the student and the teacher, to host the resulting website, we need to host it via the URL. If you are only worried about the account name of one of your students, we would be happy to change their username.

Also, upon creation of a team, you can select “my students are under 13” which will mask their username, email, and prevent any Personally Identifiable Information from being stored on our platform.

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Thank you for the quick reply!
They almost all made the accountname as FirstnameLastname so I’ll them they can change it to preserve the privacy of their website.
I assume from your reply that making a more anonymous accountname is the only way to protect their website from being viewed by classmates. This makes it hard to identify the students’ account for me, so this does not feel like a great solution.

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No problem!

I understand that creating a more anonymous account name is the recommended way to protect the website from being viewed by classmates, which makes it difficult for you to identify the students’ accounts.

When creating a team on Replit, there is a checkbox that says “Click here if any of your students are under thirteen years of age.” Clicking this checkbox will anonymize the PII and the usernames of your students, making them look like “user2349875” which you can then nickname within the members page of your team.

However, this action is not reversible and cannot be applied after the students have been invited to the team. Because of this, we will need to use a workaround as all of your students are already present in your team.

Your students can change their usernames via the page, which will remove their first and last names from the platform. Before they change their usernames, you can set nicknames for each student via the members page of your team, allowing you to identify them without having their full names public on our platform.

Please let me know if this helps, and if you have any other questions.

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