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Hello, I have moved to Replit from Glitch because it seems a good place to host a bot, particularly a Whatsapp bot. I’m using a node library called baileys, which generate a credential folder to be used to authenticate with. The problem is this folder is available publicly and if my repl is forked, it will also be copied. It would be awesome if we could set some folders or files private or set them to be excluded when the repl is forked. I don’t need to hide all the files and folders, just this one particular folder

For credential like api and key there is a environment secret feature provided in replit.
You can refer its documentation here

I think when you fork a project it won’t copy api and secret that’s 100% secure you can see example here but regarding folder data I am not sure.

And best way is always making it private repl.


Hi @MoonKnight3 welcome to the community. @fury-07 has provided an excellent answer but I wanted to highlight that the solution is to use secrets and a private repl. This way no other user can fork your work or access your credentials.

You will need a hacker plan / cycles to turn on private repls. Hope this helps!

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I have found the solution to my problem. I forgot that besides .env, the database is also private. So I will use the database to store my credentials instead


Secrets is .env
Replit just made .env it’s own UI

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