Private, but sharable Repl

If one were to upgrade to core, and make a repl private, can they then also make it so that the only ones that can see it are those with a certain link or anything like that?

I could also add a password as a secret, but well, yah know lol

Well, you can share the link to the site, if it is a website, other than that, I’m not sure.

It’s complicated, but there are 3 things you can do:

  • Invite people to the repl with multiplayer. not recommended because they will be able to edit it
  • Connect it to a private GitHub repo where you can invite people.
  • Make a read-only multiplayer invite by using an extension, but apparently, it can get you in trouble now :person_shrugging:

In addition to this, you can also share a multiplayer link which isn’t inviting specific people, but anyone with the link gets read/write access. Basically, everything you can do in public repls you can do in private repls, but nobody gets read-only access unless you break ToS.


Cool, I think I have a solution in the ready with your guys’ help. Thanks!

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