Prisma: Can't find package `openssl` tho I've installed it

Hi everyone.
I’m building a NetxJS app on Replit due to not being able to use my computer at home, and I’ve been encountering a problem with Prisma not being able to find the library openssl. Looking it up online, I’ve tried all the solutions posted, but none of them have solved the problem.
Here’s what I did:

  1. Added pkgs.openssl_1_1 to deps in the replit.nix file
  2. Created a new LD_LIBRARY_PATH via LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/nix/store/fq47cv26nb87hwz2678r6i8ym5b57lwf-openssl-3.0.7-bin/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}" on the shell

What can I do?
Here’s the link to my repl:
The app is hosted on Vercel, where it works normally

Why not modify that in the .replit file so that it’s persistent?


I ran npx prisma generate and it worked. Thank you so much!!

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