Preset IDE layouts

Describe your feature request
Customize preset IDE layouts to be used by students when forking an assignment

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
I often find myself navigating students through setting up their work page to have certain files side-by-side or suggesting collapsing/expanding various windows. This takes time and is hard to get everyone on the same page.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I would like to set up what the initial layout should be when a student forks a project. For example, if I’ve created a warm up to focus on creating an piece of javascript to respond to a button press on a web page, I’d like the project to open up with the following view:

This would also be a helpful feature when embedding individual repls in websites. I would like to create a series of small activities each housed in their own repls which are then embedded in individual pages. I’d like these embedded repls to look more like what you would see on the w3schools website (simple, editor and display windows)

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It’s a good idea but I feel that this can be manually done in about 20 seconds. It shouldn’t be much of a hassle and I feel anyone can replicate it.

How? You’re kinda just moving tabs around.


Yeah but you gotta tell the students how to and where to and everything and this just saves time and would be a really useful feature in my opinion.


Also, I am not a student of @stefanfritz. Yet, if I was to fork one of their projects, I don’t want my tabs moved…

I’ll assume they have a smart board or a projector, if so, it shouldn’t be that hard to just project it to the screen. Also, the students can choose how they want it to be.

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Your tabs wouldn’t be moved as when forking a Repl you get a completely new layout. Layouts save per Repl, not per account.

I think Replit should add this feature because it just simply makes stuff way easier for everyone, especially in school and when making templates.

IDK I still don’t want my stuff moved. Perhaps something in the preferences area? “Enable Present Layouts”


But your stuff can’t be moved if there isn’t anything to move.

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The tabs. I always want two tabs that are split horizontally. I think others like it too, I don’t suddenly want four tabs.

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It’s easier to close the tabs than to open them.

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I can’t think of anything so I voted

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Thanks for your response, and perhaps I should clarify a few things:

  • The feature request is not meant to force unwanted layouts on anyone.
  • Right now when you fork a project it opens with a specific layout. The feature I am requesting would allow the author of the project to customize what that first layout looks like. It could certainly still be moved away from that layout (as is currently the case), but it changes the initial view.
  • many students do not have a problem with moving around some tabs, yes, but when there’s a room of 25 teenagers with various ranges of skill and attention to detail, this 20 second process takes longer.
  • in a school setting, I am working with mostly introductory level students. Removing any barriers to make coding easier is always a plus.
  • this would be an optional setting ideally for education accounts. It can be used or not used.