Posting a Good Follow-Up Response

Hi there! đź‘‹ Looks like you want to learn to make a good follow-up response!

Why Should You Make a Follow-Up Response?

When getting and giving help, misunderstandings can always happen. A replier might have misunderstood your question and need clarifying information or maybe you didn't fully understand their solution. A well-worded follow-up response can help you get help, and make the forum more helpful (and kinder!) for all members.

Here are our tips for how to write follow-up responses…

What Does a Good Follow-Up Include?

A thorough follow-up can be used to convey that you do not understand someone's answer to your issue. Some things a follow-up should have are:
  • A quote and/or mention to show that you are responding to that specific user and what part of there proposed answer you do not understand.
  • Possible resources such as screenshots, videos, code snippets and links to clarify what you need help with.
  • A thankful greeting that shows your gratitude to the community member for helping you.
  • Your best effort at clear grammar and spelling so it is easy for community members to understand you. If you don't know English very well, you can mention this in any of your posts to give a heads-up.

Good v Bad Follow-ups

If you have a question about making a function in Python, and @LovesHelpingPeople responds with:

:wave: Welcome to the forums, @TheBestNewUser!
If you would like to create a function, you can use the following code and put whatever you would like it to run within the function! def function_name(): # Put some code here!

Thank you so much, @LovesHelpingPeople! Let’s start with a good response to this:

Thanks for the quick support, @LovesHelpingPeople and for being so clear with your response! When you said “put whatever you would like to run within the function”, I got confused. How would I run my function and by running the function, it would run the code inside the function, correct?

Nice, right? If you scroll back up :point_up: to the section What Does a Good Follow-Up Include?, you’ll see a list of a few things a good follow-up should have. As you look through the list, think Does this post check off all of the things in the list?. If it does, you know you’ve made a good follow-up! If not, some revising and editing may be called for. An example of a follow-up that does not meet those requirements listed above may look like this…

Hi. pls help i dont rly undsretand what you mean by “run code within function”. please help me. thanks

Follow-ups like this make it harder for other forum members to give help because it doesn’t make it clear what the core question is (what specifically don’t you understand? what have you tried already?) and the grammar is somewhat difficult to follow.

Always remember that great, helpful threads are made up of clear, respectful responses!