PostgreSQL Should Be Included in Pro Plan

Describe your feature request
The pro plan is currently $20 a month and doesn’t give us too many benefits, other than deployments. I think that we should get the Replit PostgreSQL database for free with the pro plan. Also, I don’t really think many people use the PostgreSQL database right now due to how you have to pay 100 cycles a day.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Make it so that more people will buy the pro plan and more people will use the PostgreSQL

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I’m trying to create a project where I need a database that has easy setup and such for free.


You can get a database for free by not going through replit’s UI. (IIRC, ask 9pfs)

Sorry, but what’s that? Is it similar to PostgreSQL? is a provider, postgres is a type/protocol.

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I agree : is a very nice provider with quite interesting free version for small usages.
Repl’s integration is too expensive i think but if there was a cheaper plan or a free plan for pro users that would allow people to use postgres and deploy more easily.


yes, given that neon is free and replit’s integration is basically “365 dollars a year ↔ 2 minutes saved while creating a neon db account”

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People on Replit Core now get some postgreSQL for free.


Yay! That’s amazing! Isn’t is just the db free plan in Replit tho?


Neon provide’s Replit’s pgsql databases, yes. It’s not exactly the same though


seeing that 365$ per month is more than 223$ for Compute (egress, storage, etc is negligible bc its 0.09 per GiB)

what im saying is that the PSQL (via cycles) is at a 50% markup.

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