Postgresql compute usage calculation

Problem description

I see there is a huge usage for postgresql compute in my repls. But i didn’t use postgresql that much.

Expected behavior

postgresql compute should calculate hourly usage, currently it feels like each time there is a call to a database table, it thinks it’s a full hour

Actual behavior

it says 17 hours of postgresql compute usage for a new repl i created 4 days ago. i may have called a postgresql table 17 times during my tests (nobody used it but me), definitely no 17 hours usage. other high-usage repls also have similar issues.

Steps to reproduce

check postgresql compute usage in my account




mac os

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

Hi @mdyildirim. For account and billing issues, please go ahead and submit a ticket to Support if you haven’t already:

Our billing specialists will review your account and any concerns you have on the usage.

Ok, thanks @SuzyAtReplit

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