Postgres for educational account

Dear all,
I’m a Computer Science teacher at a high level school and I’m using Replit for my students. It’s amazing!
Some weeks ago I received an email about the new Postgres feature, but I noted that it’s not for free for my educational account. I’d like to know if there will be the chance to use Postgres for free for my students.



Not with this unfortunately, we use an external provider so there’s a cost associated with it. There are some less slick solutions that we could look at if you want?

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Hi David,
thanks for your reply.
Actually I’m using Sqlite for my students. It would be nice to have a SQL Explorer like the one available for Postgres. Is it possible?

Thanks again

Not built in - I had some success with lighter weight versions of things like PHP MyAdmin - what language are your students coding in?

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My students are coding in Python/Flask/SQLite (server side) and HTML/JS (client side). I’m using Replit for all the development stack.