Postgre sql can't connect, throws error

:frowning: Problem description:*

Created a Postgre database and tried to create a table but error is thrown regarding inconsistent project naming.

Tried running ‘SELECT * FROM whatever’

Expected behavior:

Error: Table not found

Actual behavior:

psql: error: connection to server at “” (, port 5432 failed: ERROR: Inconsistent project name inferred from SNI (‘ep-cool-wave-633400’) and project option (‘hidden-firefly-895686’).

**Steps to reproduce **

Create postgre db
Try any query


Mobile: Android/App
PC: Windows/Edge


same issue here. can someone help? Browser is chrome on macos

Are you using the replit provided pg database?

Yup, created through Replit. Tried removing the DB and creating another one. Same error. Moved to SQLite for the time being. :expressionless: