Posted bounty and accepted an application but no response

I posted a bounty and accepted an application but haven’t received a response from the applicant for 3 days.

What do I do?

Have you tried communicating with them via the Replit UI and any other contact methods (email or discord) provided in the discussion tab?

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Thanks. Yes, I’ve tried email, Replit chat, and LinkedIn. Have I lost my money?


I think the only thing to do at this point is to contact support. You can create a ticket or email Replit (recommended).

Something I’d recommend for the future is to get in touch with your applicants before choosing someone, so you can easily find who’s right for the job.


As a user who’s faced this issue multiple times, the only thing you can do is contact support and they’ll quickly fix things up for you.


To add on to what @CoderGautamYT said, Replit holds onto the money until your bounty hunter has made a submission and you’ve accepted it.