Possible violation of the rules?

I plan to create my own game, where everyone can upload their version to the database, so that they can then play it in Replit. Thus, everyone can customize it for themselves and give access to everyone else.
Question: If someone uses bad words and saves them to the database and then loads this slot, will I get a penalty for violating the rules? After all, everyone can play it, even if it is called unacceptable.


You and the user that uploaded would be punished. I would recommend adding ways to stop this. Can I write a list of swears to check if someone is using derogatory terms?


There is too many ways to bypass it. Is there any way do it differently? Personally, I will have quizzes that can be named and have questions entered by any user.

You can regularly check for swear words in your database or you can stop the user from proceeding if the input detects a swear word.

You can also add the functionality of a “Report User/Game” button inside your code so that other users who play that game can notify you for profanity.

I’ll add reporting capability, but how can I protect my code from this kind of abuse and complaints?

Just prevent from happening in the first place.

Check for profanity or swear words before a version of the game is published or regularly check either in the database or in the input fields of the game.

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When they upload a database scan it for profanity and reject it if any is found. There are a lot of libraries for pretty much any language to scan strings for profanity. And if you want super good moderation OpenAI has AI moderation tools that are really good at telling the difference between normal conversation and people trying to infer bad language.

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And how to connect the filtering to the database?

What language is it and how are they uploading the database?

Just a simple Replit game with custom levels.

No. @InvisibleOne meant by what programming language you are coding in, like Python and C++. He is asking you this because each programming language has a different way and syntax for doing database queries.

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I suggest you have a warning that says to use good judgement and also use this wordlist http://www.bannedwordlist.com/
EDIT: I found another one http://banbuilder.com/

  1. Python.
  2. But what to do if, for example, bad person will write " t h a t w a y" or “you are mo…”?

I wonder if a warning page at the start of game would be enough for REPLIT to actually ban the user but not the programmer.


Usually, the reporting system that you implemented should cover those edge cases, if it is deemed necessary.

And even if it passes through that, it won’t probably be seen as a negative thing by a vast majority of your users.

So you should still be in the clear even if your profanity filters fail to capture one swear word or two.

Then can you give me a list of actions to prevent abuse?

That depends on how much leniency you want to allow.

You can send them a warning the first time for having profanity in their version. This should stopped most offenders. For repeated times they can have suspensions with longer and longer periods.