Possible error with design organization on preferences/profile

Hey people,

I’d like to spot out that on the preferences/profile there could be an error with the design organization. If you go to preferences/profile and scroll down to Replit username you can see that the input is first and then the “Replit Username” text. In the other sections the text is first and also the text is bold!

The part with it being underneath is not a bug I think based on the pronouns user field on meta.

As for it being bold, I think it should be. This might be able to be done by just adding ** on either side but I’m not sure if it supports md.

Are you sure Ethan, this does look like a UI bug…

All the inputs have a label above them however the Replit Username input has its label below it.

I do know but unlike the others the Replit username is a custom field. We could always report on meta and see what people say