Poll: Which coding language is

I couldn’t find any articles on this, it sounds like the kind of thing that would be recorded somewhere (unless I’m misunderstanding). Could you point me in the direction of a resource where I could read more on this?


Isn’t text just a way of viewing binary data?


Everything on a computer is ultimately binary (unless we’re talking about quantum computing…), so yes.


Now the whole thing is bunched up together & called “Browser wars

  • 1995: Internet Explorer vs Netscape
    MS IE won, bankrupt Netscape, AOL bought & made Netscape irrelevant.
  • 2004: Internet Explorer vs Firefox
    MS IE had 80% users, but Mozilla Firefox went on with donations.
  • 2010: (Windows Mobile) Internet Explorer vs (Android mobile) Chrome
    Windows lost to Android, thus MS IE lost to Google Chrome

In 1995, Microsoft and Netscape implemented different versions of HTML 3. Micosoft gave the name .htm to web-pages made by its software, and thus htm was used to refer to Microsoft’s HTML script, which Microsoft intentionally made incompatible with the other browsers. Even proprietary (copyrighted/patented) HTML tags like Marquee were used to distinguish browsers and the script ‘only’ they ran.

1995-2010, indie websites were built to be browser specific, due to the extra load of testing what works on all browsers.

.htm went into irrelevance after Google Android gained popularity, and its users surfing the net through Chrome browser.

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Python should be higher on the Worst Syntax chart you guys, why do you ever want to use SPACING for code nesting :confused:


I like it when half of us agree on python having best syntax

Probably because the error usually is self-explanatory(except custom error which is vary), and of course
There is no semicolon( ; )

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Python syntax is much easier to comprehend than C++

Std:: cout << "x is " << x << std::endl;

Or Java…

public static void add(x, y) {…}


I genuinely think keyword heavy languages are built for stress.


So you’re telling me you don’t indent your code?


I will only indent code if I have to.

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Yea, let me show you an example. Here is a javascript Fibonacci function with memoization.

function fibonacci(num, memo) {
memo = memo || {};
if (memo[num]) return memo[num];
if (num <= 1) return 1;
return memo[num] = fibonacci(num - 1, memo) + fibonacci(num - 2, memo);

I always code like this.

binary is very hard its like morse code but 10x harder


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People, people. The REAL hardest language to learn is block coding. C++ and/or Java have nothing to say for themselves.

How is block coding hard to learn? The syntax is literally just the shape of the blocks.


I would generally create a helper function to memoize stuff for me like this:

function memoize(func) {
	const dict = {};
	return function(...args) {
		const stringifiedArgs = JSON.stringify(...args)
		if (dict.hasOwnProperty(stringifiedArgs)) {
			return dict[stringifiedArgs];
		} else {
			const result = func(...args);
			dict[stringifiedArgs] = result;
			return result;

Then you can memoize functions super easily:

// create a function
function fib(num) {
	if (num <= 1) return 1;
	return fib(num - 1) + fib(num - 2);


// then memoize it
const memFib = memoize(fib);

// and voila
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Yea I know, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like making two functions so (fitting with the theme of that post) I made a less useful one.


To be fair you don’t need the stds (using namespace std;):

cout << "x is" << x << endl;

I also just generally dislike the Python syntax :man_shrugging:

Also : … I love my curly braces, imo curly braces make it much more clear when a code block starts and ends than indentation does (I am in no way insinuating that you shouldn’t indent code)

Actually, in some ways you could probably argue Morse code is a form of binary, I mean there are only dots and dashes, similar to zeros and ones. Although spacing/separation is kind of a third part if you want to be technical, but still.


you have a fair point. Binary is just not my cuppa tea

i absolutely hate when im downloading a game engine to make a game and shows the generic java in block coding, It drives me insane!
Does this happen to anyone else?