Poll: What programming language do you regret learning

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Html is soooo confusing


i wrote this in html it broke me
HTML?!? - Jackie Chan Why? | Make a Meme

VB/VBS and scratch theyre literally useless


Scratch has it uses, it’s good for introducing young people to programming, but as you get more advanced it does become less useful

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If we’re going to talk about being banned, I’ll say that I deserved my Scratch ban.

I was invited to a studio that was blowing up and this is old but that was back when regular people can kick others. I spent 10 solid minutes banning everyone and then eventually banning myself. Next, there is a place where you can ask others to promote a project. The Scratch team picked out the members, but anyone can comment. For context, usually, you comment on the studio with a link, and someone who is a member will review it and add it to the studio with the message “Added!” or they will explain why it can’t be added. I went around (not a member) and saying “Not added!” or “Removed!” if it was added.

I forgot this part a bit but I think I was banned and somehow I was unbanned. by then I went emo and unshared all my projects. Dunno why I would do something like that but I guess I learned my lesson :person_shrugging:

Lesson: don’t be annoying or you’ll be banned.

hi mods please don’t take down the post

Also, I would like to say I regret learning whatever code.org used, Scratch was kinda fun, but code org wasn’t fun at all. Essentially you should code because you like coding. Had I found code org before Scratch, I’d probably not code because it seems boring.


Joke (in case someone takes me seriously):

I regret learning English, it’s syntax is rather confusing and some properties don’t seem to make sense, and the extensions and added documentation leave hanging arguments and fighting. “go” and “do” don’t rhyme. Some keywords are often slurred in speech yet through strange interpretation the called statements are still accepted. It has a straightforward rule-set to set a standard for its language and any future updates, but the Urban Dictionary package is sloppily constructed, and some people are trying to implement the package as traditional code. It was a great idea on paper, but didn’t turn out so well (reminds me of something else). We should switch back to an older version using the configuration files and go back to year 1600’s. What do you all think?

edit: whoever just liked my post: how did you read it that fast?


Or just make a universal language

I’m just that good

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What do you mean, confusing? I’m confused.

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This is how confused i am.

Honestly Block Style Code was the dumbest thing I learned.Not Scratch their are some exceptions their but using third party things like KANO was sooooooo dumb

Talking about Scratch bans:
Some people called the “Scorpion Team” tricked me into joining them
They were planning to mass report Griffpatch’s project and there goal was to get Griffpatch banned
I joined them with an alt account but when I realised they were evil I was banned (my alt)
Apparently Scratch found out that account was my alt and now I’m banned from Scratch

I don’t know how when I’ll get unbanned (I’m still banned)
My Scratch name is Robot_177
My account: scratch.mit.edu/users/robot_177

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