POLL: What is your favorite esolang?

  • BrainF***
  • Chicken
  • Befunge
  • Chef
  • Piet
  • Shakespeare
  • L33T
  • Other (Reply)

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BrainF is actually inspirational that a few esolang on the list above is crazier that BrainF but having a feeling of being the upgraded version of BrainF after all

I personally like chicken because of it can be read very easily and being extremely hard to understand, I liked it so much that I made my own remix version of chicken in replit with the name cow :sweat_smile:

Also, I’m surprised that the white space is not in the list. White space is a esolang written with nothing but different white spaces and I liked it so much as well.

Honestly it is hard to say which one is the favourite of all for quite of us, since different esolang runs on different concepts, but it is fun to see many opinions on this poll

I liked Chef, didn’t even knew about it before @hugo mentioned it. Definitely helpful for people who like to both cook and code(not me tho lol)

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Chef is nice, but really tricky to learn. Personally, I think that Shakespeare is :fire:

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Hey Aaron :slight_smile: those are nice.

I went with brainF. I think it’s a really interesting idea, and I’m actually working on a program that compiles your code INTO brainF.

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Body incomplete.

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@SharkCoding, That’d be sooo :fire:


That’s cool, do you need help cuz I got one for my own esolang remixed from a similar esolang chicken I can always help if you need some

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