Poll: What do you think is the most Overrated programming tool?

Most Overrated Programming Tool
  • Python
  • JS
  • Java
  • C
  • C#
  • Scratch
  • Ruby
  • HTML and CSS
  • Rust
  • Other (comment)

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Not a programming language.

Not a programming language either.

Edit: OP changed the poll to be “tool” instead of programming language.

We both voted other lol

Well it was language but today I learned that HTML and CSS wasn’t a programming language so I didn’t really know what to put

I voted Ruby … was fun to learn and use but definitively overrated in my book.

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I just didn’t know what to put so I voted other :rofl:

You have to rate Ruby for it to be overrated…

What I’m trying to say is nobody really uses ruby (afaics)

IT has its moment and it has its merit, but luckily Ruby and RoR are the past

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Scratch is one of the most useful tools but it’s definitely overrated, most people use it as a social media rather than a way to get better at programming there are young children on it 24/7 because of this

Half of it is an art platform as well anyway

All of this I feel kind of (kind of) fine with, it introduces them with a social environment online with safety options put in place so they can communicate safely and teach basics in when they grow up and use other social media platforms, like snapchat, or Twi-I mean Facebook.

There are negative downsides to introducing kids to social media like that at younger ages though.

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I know HTML/CSS/JS would get some votes… but it definitely doesn’t deserve to be the leader! If anything, we should all be voting Ruby! (joke)


Since HTML, CSS, JS is currently tied with Other, here is the definition of “overrated” (because people clearly don’t understand what it means.):

rated or valued too highly.

You don’t make a website without HTML/CSS. That is not “too highly”.

The correct answer is “ChatGPT” BTW. It’s not really supposed to be for programming, but it is used for it.

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I chose Python. Don’t ask me why.

But…why? I must ask you why!

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Because it’s very slow, and people use it for big projects. Another reason I hate it is because everything is readymade. As the classic joke says:

Create a new universe

Python: import universe

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tempted to import universe now

It’s actually a real pkg.

So you hate it because…it’s easy to use, and ready-made?

So what do you love using instead? You enjoy getting cryptic error messages, having to set everything up manually every time for certain tasks, and readymade buckets of sadness?


Python’s so easy you won’t need to do a thing yourself. Unlike old languages, you actually have to code it, not just do import.

What I hate about that is programmers make things so easily today, they don’t actually have a challenge.

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All programs make you have to code. the code doesn’t code itself.

Although it may seem frustrating that other people have it easy, you should be happy for others knowing that they don’t have to have it rough. And if they want to be challenged, they’ll find challenges, or give them one. Getting mad at your computer was never the purpose of programming languages, so why be upset at an improvement?

I think there can still be a programming language that’s interpreted a little less than python, and i think that could be a happy medium.

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