[POLL] Visual Studio, VSC, or Replit?

holy smokes that’s cursed

I like pycharm or any from the same vendor. Some have a feee version some not.

what do you mean by that?

tbh i dont know i have only used replit I may try the visual studio and vsc

Any ide from IntelliJ. I have a subscription with them and because if replit I use them less, but one if these days I will try ssh and use them with copilot for re-lit as well.
Neovim seems also interesting …

That’s what I do too. . . though I mostly use PyCharm.

I would say Replit, but now it’s basically unusable. I’m going to have to go back to VSC…

I prefer PyCharm and/or IntelliJ Idea.


It’s really not good for coding anything other than…Unity games and .NET programs, I guess?

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Actually PyCharm was the first non-Notepad IDE I ever used. I remember my computer fans would go so loud when I booted it up so I would open it, run up the stairs, then wait a few minutes til it launched. :laughing:

Best code editor of all time:

Microsoft Powerpoint


I do actually use it when I am coding C++ (which is only occasional because I’m not very good at it lol)


Fair, I did that…once…