Poll: Laptop or Desktop PC

Which do you use to Code?

  • Laptop
  • Desktop PC
  • Phone
  • Chromebook
  • Other(comment)

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Please make multiple choice, also the Desktop option is broken


Looks like OP edited it

How? It wasn’t broken before nor after the edit


I fixed it. Lol my first post… Also how did you reply that quick?

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Procrastination is the driving force. Also, please make it more then 2 options

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Chromebook (but Ask may not see me for a bit because we are turning them in tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t lose TL3).

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Turning them in? Like turning in a school chrome book or what?

(Oops, went off-topic)

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Off-topic but we return our Chromebooks during summer (let’s go, summer break!) so I may have to get adjusted to using a phone for Ask and other forums or maybe I’ll get a laptop or something to use during the summer lol

So moderators won’t flag this, I will say something on topic: why did nobody say phone lol


I tried to, but I ran out of options. Moving a vote now because I use my phone more than my laptop.


For my other: IPad
I use these for replit in order

  1. IPad and Laptop
  2. Desktop

Laptop = desktop (maybe just me lol)

I’ve coded on mobile a few months ago for a day. I have a question that can be summarized in 1 word: autocorrect

Especially on an iPad, so what do you do about it?

Definitely just you. Those are completely different.

…Turn it off

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Power through, try not to go insane.

It always changes the code, so this is usually what a file would look like:

<HTML language="en"> <!-- note the capitalized html and "language"--->

and JavaScript is worse (this is just a guess):

constant Variable = "website"

and the formatting is so messed up.

But turning off autocorrect is annoying because I depend on it when I text or else all my words would be only half written.

Also another thing to make things on topic (sorry mods): I see laptop is the winner right now but it would be very hard to make it portable and I like my Chromebook because it’s portable.


Chromebook is a kind of laptop…
I think in this case by laptop is means laptop’s other than chromebooks.

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What’s wrong with the language?

Then turn it off when coding and turn it on again when texting. If you switch between those frequently, then… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So here is the difference between a laptop and a desktop.

Desktop is a monitor which is separate to the PC, which is what you were talking about

Laptop has the keyboard and monitor connected



A PC is not needed for Replit lol because if you have a trash Chromebook or a gaming PC it’ll lag anyways

Also quick note to mods: I am on topic because I chose other