Poll: How many indent spaces do you use?

How many indent spaces do you use?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 8
  • Something else?

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I use four, readability counts, and using four contributes to that. Also, as a Python programmer PEP8 likes four indent spaces anyway.


Why am I the only one who uses 2?

In my opinion, 2 is better.

  • It takes up less space. You don’t have to x-scroll that much, which conserves a bit of time.
  • When using spaces to indent, 2 is shorter.

TBH, I typically use two, but then I’ll use black to standardize my formatting. (Which bumps it to 4 and breaks apart some very long lines. It’s actually taught me a little bit about valid formatting)

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I use 2 as well, I wanna puke at just the thought of eight…like just imagine…

x = 10
if x == 10:


What came to my mind when I saw “Something else?” is tabs

Do not use tabs, use spaces

(No offense meant to those who do use tabs)


Saw this stackoverflow blog.


Better a complete list with attributes with volume, money??