POLL: Have you created a interpreter, programming language, or implementation of one?

Well now I love this lang.

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I successfully made my first interpreter using python
And it is being completed within hours

Fun fact, it is 1am in the morning the sky still black my eye is tired I got school 7am later this gonna go sleep

the COW language (not chicken)

I feel like dying inside, the development went to the complete opposite I’m not using any classes gladly


@QwertyQwerty54 currently am, it’s in python rn so i can be max productive but planning to move it to nim

Do you know nim? It should be around as productive as python, once you know it.

Why did you ping me? Did you mean to ping @EarthRulerr?

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That was 23+ years ago for my phd. I had to build my own dataflow compatible c-like language with compiler and alike. Impossible to share a link and useless since there is no computer running on my processors. But would be fun to build an emulator for it :slight_smile:

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Since everyone is now replying, yes, and it is jumplang, as most know.

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yes, idk y it pinged u

I’ve made many.
The most complete one is my javascript interpreter https://replit.com/@CSharpIsGud/IodineJS which I was originally making for a browser engine I was making from scratch, but html was too much of a pain to render.
I was also working on a custom language that compiled to brainf but I’m rewriting that one in rust.


I coded a Brainfuck interpreter in c++ as a starter project. Me be like: Hmmmm ima learn some c++ for the first time, lets start by a very complicated thing :smiley:

/ඞ/ This is a comment.

/ඞ This

ඞSTRING sussy_string = "ඞ"

/ඞ all non var declarations are decalared by ඞWRAPPING_ITඞ ඞ/

ඞFUNCඞ SUSSY_FUNC(ඞSTRING sussy_param) {
    ඞECHOඞ sussy_param

    ඞFUNCඞ __INIT__(ඞSELF, ඞSTRING sussy_lolsus) {
        ඞSTRING SELF.sussy_lolsus = sussy_lolsus

/ඞ/ try/except

ඞSABOTAGEඞ ඞSTRING sussy_error {
    ඞECHOඞ "There was an error: " + sussy_error

ඞFORඞ (ඞINT sussy_amogus=0, sussy_amogus < 10, sussy_amogus++) {
    ඞIFඞ (sussy_amogus % 2) {
        SUSSY_FUNC(sussy_string + sussy_amogus)

ඞWHILEඞ (ඞINT sussy_int < 69) {

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I am very good comfortable with Python, and just begining to learn Nim. I know some things in Nim because of how similar Nim is to Python, but I’m still more comfortable using Python.

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