Points disappear

Who knows who has taken all the points as trips from my account to another account Now what can I do I didn’t give anyone points as tips now I want to know from which account the points went from my account and some of my files are public then I removed them again What can I do now?

I think you meant cycles?

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Yes, OP meant Cycles, not points.


Sorry point no Cycles it will disappear from my account

Did you subscribe for boosted/private/postgres/always-on repls? If so, these automatically deduct cycles on a daily basis.
Turn them off if you no longer need them

Check the transactions tab on this page https://replit.com/cycles


Check your billing history, try looking for any charges related to the cycles you moved to make sure that the transfer was completed successfully. You can also contact the replit support to help you solve the issue.

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No, someone seems to have hacked my account and took the tips to his account. Now who took it, how did it take it?

Check your billings history. To see what transactions were made.

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It doesn’t show which account it has gone to, it only shows that the tips have gone. Now what can I do about my 9200 cycles was I’m done crying now

Please help me Replit support

From here there’s not much else I do other than directing you to contact the replit support team, sorry :pensive: