Poetry wants to add mongomem to my project but i don't use it

I have made a small project to host a module I want to create.

The module is a folder called ftools with a emailhtml.py and a tools.py in which i have created many functions


When I start the project, there is a poetry line :


that wants to add mongomem and gives errors of installation.

I don’t use this package anywhere in my project. I presume the automatic adding of modules is probably troubled by something in my code but how can i find what is making the project add mongomem ?


To be precise, here is the main.py and after the packager errors, the program runs fine. But i don’t want to start full of error :frowning:


You can do what was suggested here to disable the automatic installation of packages:

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Ah thanks, i had not seen that post,
really ineresting option we should have by default in the .replit (on flase by default maybe but at least present in the .replit to inform people they can disable that)

On my example, when i renamed ftools to fvtools, it worked perfectly … maybe a package named ftools is in mongomem

Thanks for your answer

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