Poetry not found in path

Problem description:
Today (25 Nov) students on one of my Teams for Education teams have been reporting that unit tests, and in some cases code will fail to run with the error message.
I originally posted this in Teams for Education, but it probably belongs here, as a bug report.

--> poetry lock --no-update
exec: "poetry":  executable file not found in $PATH

Expected behavior:
In all of the cases where the above behaviour is reported, the unit tests and/or code ran without problems beforehand.

Actual behavior:
See above.

Steps to reproduce:
The bug is difficult to reproduce because it affects some students at some times.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: Various
OS: Mostly Windows
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
**Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:**NA
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): Free (Teams for Education )


Hello, can you also provide a link to a public fork of one of the affected repls?

I am having the same problem.
Here is a link to a public fork: https://replit.com/@ids-fall-2023/Binary-Search-ids-fall-2023-9

Does Julie’s fork give you the information you need? I am having a bit of difficulty finding a fork that illustrates the problem and which I could make public.

did you remove the venv folder? Good: that’s one step towards moving to the improved system.
Then you have to copy in the files .replit from here and, optionally, remove the replit.nix file.

It looks like the repl has been modified to support unit tests with the workaround from the topic Help with a simple test. However, it broke the repl (a side effect of it I didn’t know about).

Replit recently fixed Input Output tests, but I am not sure about unit tests. Do note that, to fix unit tests, there is a cleaner solution that shouldn’t break anything: Help with a simple test - #68 by NuclearPasta0

So, make a new repl and copy in the content that you need for it. See if unit tests work.
If not then you can perhaps post on the above topic, and use the workaround I provided above.

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Hello, I have this issue with 28 students.
They submitted four assignments on Monday. All were passing unit tests just fine.

Now there is the same issue described here and the tests won’t run.

--> poetry lock --no-update
exec: "poetry": executable file not found in $PATH

A quick solution to solve for 28x4 assignment submissions, each with multiple unit tests would be appreciated!

When I did that, it removed my ability to run unit tests, which is essential to my classroom :frowning:

Hi Julie,

You might find that the solution that @nuclearpasta0 suggested on the “Help with a Simple Test” thread works here. Basically you just insert the two lines

language = "python3"

into your .replit file. They can be placed anywhere in the file, but you need a line break between [unitTest] and language = "python3"

@nuclearpasta0 linked to the post I am referring to upthread, but here it is again to save you searching for it


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Just to note that my issue magically disappeared (was fixed) on Friday. No error with Poetry and now tests all run as expected. Phew.