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→ poetry env list --full-path
how to remove this command in console

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Hi @arinnaresh13 , welcome to the forums!
Could you try entering poetry lock in the Shell, and send a link to your repl?

i have also same issue
see i msg u

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Does entering poetry lock in the Shell help?

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let me try and i will tell and i tried and its asking something so i write code (asyou see in 4 linefrom google)

it didnt help

Add disableInstallBeforeRun = true to the top of your .replit file.

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Poetry docs:

Listing the environments associated with the project
You can also list all the virtual environments associated with the current project > with the env list command:

poetry env list

will output something like the following:

test-O3eWbxRl-py3.7 (Activated)

You can pass the option --full-path to display the full path to the environments:
poetry env list --full-path

Seems like a bug to me. Previously, the command was poetry lock --no-update which actually did something.

I just opened replit today and noticed I’ve been having this issue as well. I’ve tried everything in this comment section but nothing has fixed it.

@s300072981 Adding disableInstallBeforeRun = true to the top of your .replit file doesn’t work? Can you link your public Repl?

thankyou so much it works
thank you for your help

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