PMs in ask are not showing/I am not being notified of them

Problem description:
I am not being notified of PMs, and they won’t even show in the feed.

Expected behavior:
I am able to be notified whenever I get a PM.

Actual behavior:
It doesn’t notify me and instead I have to go into every singe PM I have to see if there is anything new.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure if this is just an issue for me but to reproduce, just have someone message you, then look at the profile picture in the top right. Then, if you click on your profile, see if it shows the PM in blue.

Bug appears at this link:

Microsoft Edge/Microsoft/PC

At the bottom of the PM try changing “Normal” to “Watching”. This also applies to topics.

I already have all PMs in watching.

I have it to where, if I comment, then it is watching, and if I view it, it’s tracking.