not shoing graphs

**Question: Using the following simple code, my plot will not appear anywhere:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Is there a setting you need to enable to show figures?


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Hi @CaseyHicks , welcome to the forums!
Go to your .replit file and change the entrypoint variable to This runs when running your repl. The .replit file can be found by going to your Files sidebar > 3 dots at the top > Show Hidden Files > .replit file.
Or, you could run python in the Shell without changing anything. This runs the program in the Shell.
Hope this helps!

I’ve been having trouble with as well, either it won’t ever open the output window or whenever it does it usually says “There was an error connecting to the server”

As a temporary workaround, I’ve just been using plt.savefig("desiredname.png") instead of to save an image of it.

I found another solution that may be better,

use the Python Data Science template instead of a normal Python one

It may take a minute or two to load the nix environment on the first run. (55 seconds for packager, and then after another 40 seconds the output window appears and then after about another 15 seconds it actually shows the plot)