Pls help me also this needs to be 15 characters

I am new to replit and can’t find tools setting to turn off code itelligence how do i get to tools i know i dont care stupid yellow underline

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yes i am still stupid i dont know how to open settings help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i know i am being dumb but where is settingssssssssss

Hi @KatCoder123 ! It appears that you have marked @KAlexK 's post as a Solution, is your problem solved?
Settings in under Tools in a new tab or at the bottome-left of the editor, below Files.

huh? i am new remember

omg nevermind sorry i am dumb i found it oops

No, this in in the repl, not the home page. Go to your code and do it. A repl is what you call a project here.

yes sorry i found it

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