Plotting multiple lines from a for loop onto one figure with Python

Question: I have code that does nested for loops of dice rolling, with the results related to betting. 2 dice are rolled 10 times and this simulation is then repeated 100 times. I am trying to plot the results of each simulation where each line would be the change in $ balance from 0-10 rolls. currently the graph gets created but nothing is shown on it

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#dice game: rolling 2 die 100 times, hoping for doubles which give 4x payout
#import time

#required packages:
#for graphing?
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
#for random number generation
import random

#die rolling function
def roll_dice():
  die_1 = random.randint(1,6)
  die_2 = random.randint(1,6)
  #same number check
  if die_1 == die_2:
    same_num = True
    print(f"dice are same value of {die_1}")
    same_num = False
    print(f"dice are not the same. die 1 is {die_1} and die 2 is {die_2}")
  return same_num

#to repeat the rolls of each die
#need the following inputs
num_simulations = 100
max_num_rolls = 10

win_probability = []
end_balance = []

#looping simulation
for i in range(num_simulations):
  #setting inital values for each  variable
  balance = 50
  num_rolls = 0
  num_wins = 0
  bet = 1.00
  payout_factor = 4
  #run until hitting 1000
  for num_rolls in range(max_num_rolls):
    if roll_dice():
      num_wins += 1
  print(f"in {max_num_rolls} rolls, you won {num_wins} times")
  print(f"the balance after simulation {i} of {max_num_rolls} rolls was {balance}") 
  print(f"end of simulation {i}")
  plt.plot(max_num_rolls, balance)
  plt.xlabel('number of 2 dice rolls')
  plt.ylabel('balance $')
  legend_entries = []
  legend_entries.append('simulation '+str(num_simulations))