Please you can help me

you know a good and free antivirus for windows 10

Hello @RihaBchrifa!
An antivirus could be MalwareBytes or Mcafee (idk what the pricing is) or something similar (even windows defender!).

Windows comes with built-in antivirus. Most free antivirus services provide very minimal features and a pro option to unlock the full anti virus software. To find Windows Security, just search ‘Windows Security’ in the search bar next to the windows icon (which is usually in the bottom left of your screen unless you’ve changed the orientation). :smile:


That is true. Personally I don’t use an antivirus (ikr very unsafe), and the times when I’ve seen them being deployed, they had their own little icon in the bottom, and maybe constantly reminding you of their presence.


Kind of ironic that antivirus software can be so invasive. :laughing:

The built-in Windows anti-virus software is pretty okay, I remember a time I tried making and disguising a simple trojan vbs script (that would just make a message box popup, nothing actually malicious), and as soon as I transferred it to another Windows device it was immediately detected and deleted every time. I think my original device was giving me warnings as well and may have deleted it when I tried to run it.

Plus, not only that, almost all browsers nowadays try to warn you if they think the file you’re downloading is dangerous. With some common sense and basic internet safety, you don’t really need anything more.


thanks you for your help

Unfortunately, in my experience, most antivirus software for windows is itself quasi-malware (as others have noted here.) With intrusive ads and extensive use of hardware, I am not a fan.

What I would suggest, for windows, is CCleaner at most. Then after, a good base of generic cybersecurity principles. An understanding of VPN’s if you are that worried about privacy, but also recognizing phishing scams and the like would be beneficial.

I run chromeOS. I know, a dev and CS teacher running on a chromebook?! For me, its the startup and shutdown speeds, the battery life, and importantly – the security and reliability. Most of my dev stuff happens on replit anyways, and my school supplied laptop is windows too. But I digress…

The point was supposed to be that you are your best antivirus. The choices you make from the things you wish to download and install, to the tools you use, including the very system you choose to run on. These are the things that are all going to be better than any antivirus – which, again, if you ask me, is itself a quasi-virus.

Even if you do find an antivirus that doesn’t use a lot of resources, doesn’t have intrusive ads, and does catch a lot of problems, the world of viruses moves too fast to really catch before the next update to your antivirus. If you keep some general principles in mind, you will do just as much as any antivirus.

Sorry if this wasn’t the answer you were looking for, and I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy type of guy, but in general, I just don’t need to worry about viruses.

Best of luck!

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