Please Upgrade Swift

Please upgrade Swift to at least version 5.7. The features added, particularly Any, are too important to have your system be useful with an older version of Swift.

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Honestly I am confused with Replit swift, it uses a console and there is no app view?

Latest you can get is 5.6.2 by running in shell:

sed -i "s/stable-\w*/unstable/" .replit

swift is used for much more than mobile apps. I don’t think replit can be used for that. Swift is used for systems and cloud services as well

Version 5.7 has been out since September and is available on Mac, Linux and Windows. Not sure why it is not available in Replit.

not sure why it isn’t available in even unstable nix :person_shrugging: I guess the only thing you can do now is install the binary from online onto your repl’s files and change the run command in .replit file (three dots in top right of files tab > show hidden files) to use the new binary

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My entrance in Swift is for mobile apps, I would love for Replit to have a “app view” feature or such.

Excuse @EarthRulerr and @UMARismyname rudeness, they forgot to say hello . Welcome to the community!

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The usual Sonicx180 hello lol :smiley:

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lol, I’mma change my description.

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try looking for NixOS packages and put them to replit.nix. also welcome to the community!

as @UMARismyname said, it’s not on nix

ima think of a way

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ok, have a good day! :smiley: