Please i help me for html devs

so i create a web store just using html dont using css so how i add a image in this web store
(code please)

i can search with you the project

You can use <img src="imagename.png" alt="image"> in html.


it is not working but it is just one code you don’t know a other code

@RihaBchrifa if your image is in a folder you can do something like this instead →

<img src="/filepath/image_name.png" alt="alt_text">

ok i write this in html index or css

It’s HTML code, so put it in your HTML file that you want to have the image displayed in.

ok the size of image it is 300x300

Then you can add this to your code line,

<img src="/filepath/image_name.png" alt="alt_text" width="width" height="height">

You can change the width and height as needed, or change it using CSS.

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ok thanks you bro do you have telegrame

No, I don’t have a Telegram.

ok so thanks for your help

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yes I know this replit it is my favorite devs platform

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