Please help! Node.js REPL isn't loading my script!

I have been trying to load my script on the node.js REPL all day without success! It just keeps loading the first line over and over again until I k!ll the terminal.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Hey, welcome to the community! Can you share a screen shot?

This is what the error looks like

Ok, seems like your using vscode so I’ll move this to code help.

These are my codes

Could you run the code again?

Thank you so much

Sorry, I’ll be back in 3 hours.

Hey, does it work on the terminal?

Yes the code runs when I use the ‘node product.js’ command.
But when I go into the node REPL and use the ‘.load’ command, it gives me the error on the first screen.
It just keeps loading the first line of my code over and over again.