Please give me a solution

The migration to the new model is a complete failure.
I am a teacher, and everything was fine working on the old REPL. Students were solving tasks, sharing links, and I could quickly assess the quality and functionality of the code without additional steps, without copies…

Now I HAVE TO FORK EVERY TIME!!! FORK FOR ANY TASK!!! Just for checking!!!

  • Can you please tell me WHY the system had to be broken?
  • How to navigate through my repository after such forks?
  • What if you need to evaluate more than 1000 works?
  • How many forks do you have to create, and most importantly, how to delete all of that afterward!!!
    And this is called a “Changes to social features” for communication and code distribution?!!!

A user can just copy code from git and use it - why do they need to create a repl account?

So by removing the RUN button, you have killed some of your potential customers… Just because teachers will refuse to accept work from students on repl… From students who can later use repl to create programs on paid accounts.

I am willing to pay for using the old system - but it seems like it’s dead… Both on servers and in the minds of the creators…

Or propose a solution to give teachers the same functionality as the RUN button without the fork


I mean, if there were still Teams for EDU, it’l be super helpful since you can view the repl and run it without needing to fork it.
This way, you have no choice but to fork it I guess. To save space, ig you can delete the repls after grading? Or buy Core and use the 50 GiB storage?


But you understand that there are a lot of additional steps to achieve the same goal - to execute the code… I’m not even talking about forks, you have to remove them manually… There’s no automation.

Let’s do the comparison:

  • Before: take a link → open it → execute it. If repo is good → fork it.
  • Now: take a link → open it → click fork → type in the repository name → run. And if this fork is bad - delete the repository with confirmation…

Is it just me, or does it seem that User Experience has gone the way of multiple complication?

If resources are the problem - then allocate only a few VMs for free accounts and allocate their resources on a first-come, first-out priority queue. Those who don’t want to wait - do the fork immediately, the rest, after waiting in order of their time, run the code without the fork…

Friendly reminder that the majority of Ask is just community members, not Replit Staff.


Thanks, I understand that. But if this issue becomes more current - maybe staff will review it and make less dramatic decisions in the future? :slight_smile:

There’s at least 5 topics off the top of my head revolving around this issue that are still open, so :person_shrugging:

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Yeah, Replit has added a lot of controversial updates in the past month or so, and the one that made the run button disappear was the Jan 1st, 2024 deployments update.

Basically, in a nutshell, they made deployments required because companies are using their IDE now. It’s kinda dumb but I can understand it.

That’s not the reasoning staff have provided, AFAIK the nutshell would be more that they’ve been running at a loss for a long time, and are trying to stop doing that.

Yes, I think so. Now it’s better for my student to copy my code and run it on his machine… Parameters are always the same, not like VM. Results are local and he can check it directly. One difference that student must install additional software to run code, in Repl - not. But after first two weeks - it does not matter, because students always install IDE. As a result with this policy repl converts to not necessary tool - it’s only transform to “content delivery page”…