Please add this feature in replit app

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Your team add ai feature and when we on keyboard for typing your ai show syntax and idea of writing code but we does not fill it with one click like PC.if your team will feature any key so we will able to insert ai show syntax in our code like PC you will have to assign space key to insert this code.

I hope you understand this feature that I want in reply app.

That would be counter-intuitive, what if you were writing a long block of text, the AI generated more, and you hit space without seeing it?

Hey @UjjwalNagar1!

There already is a shortcut for this; it is the tab key.

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True, but I think this is for the mobile app.

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Never used the mobile app, but I thought you could swipe to accept

I’ve tried that at least 10 times, it does nothing but close your keyboard.

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The thing is though, the OP specifically said

and space is a key, so… it’s not about the mobile app…?

Since they said this:

it seems like they’re not on a computer?

I think there should be a button in the Actions menu if there isn’t already.

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Mobile keyboards do in fact have a space bar.

(Just because it is on a phone, it’s still called a keyboard. They don’t call it a buttonboard just because it’s on a phone.)

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