Plans for the poor

With things getting more expensive, it would be great if replit offered plans for people who can’t afford to buy the plans they need for their projects.
Replit could offer cycles for watching ads, this could allow those who can’t afford to buy features to gain enough cycles to get the features they need.
This could also be a revenue source for replit, as replit could take 20% or so of the total money gained from watching the ad and give the rest as cycles.

Adding this would not only help people on replit, but it would help replit.


I feel like ads wouldn’t work well for Replit. People need to be able to see the code space with little to no interruption (And we all saw how the UI changes got reacted to). People might get annoyed by this, then angry if the ads don’t stop. This could leave to people leaving Replit and generating less income.


Yes, but for people who cant afford it, ads would be the best option. Plus it would be opt-in.
You would watch an ad and get a couple cycles.

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Yeah, like you are not forced to there are no popups but there is an option to turn ad’s on


Even if it was opt in, that’s still a problem in itself. People wouldn’t need to get tips, which can demotivate them. This would lead to having Repls on the front page worse than it already is.


Implementation of Ads would make Replit appear to be unprofessional and overly-aggressive. Generally this change would make people unhappy, and possibly turn away some of our main audience.

Bounties are free and available to everyone and is a great way for you to start earning cycles, as well as content creation with tips.


But, having the option for those who cannot afford to buy cycles or spend time on bounties would be great. Even if it was an out-of-the-way page where you watch an ad to earn a few cycles.

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I agree. There should be a way to get cycles without paying a ton.

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ads would be good, but only if presented well enough. Maybe have useful coding-related ads that are actually helpful and generate revenue-like for example a stack overflow ad.

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Cycles for watching ads? Yeah, Idk about that… Let’s not turn Replit into a trashy mobile game. I mean they could add ads, just not in the Workspace.


One of the things you might be able to do is to toggle ads. There are websites like monkey type that you can do that. There is also brave browser for example which you can get virtual currency for enabling ads. I think there should be an option for that but also you can select where the ads would be.

The ads would be a separate page you click on. There would be a nicely formatted button in the cycles tab saying “Watch an ad to earn cycles”, and it would redirect you to a page where it shows you an ad and you get cycles.

Toggling ads would nearly crush the value of Cycles, as they’d be so easy to get there would be no worth to them.

Maybe a cycles-based patron system? where support can be given to projects to support them in developing something.

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I believe that can be accomplished in the form of tipping and a quick sentence in the description.

You changed your name? A lot’s happened while I was gone lol.

Does tipping support pervading automatic tipping and engagement with the supported like patron?

I suppose not. If it were to be like I said, maybe a system of trust that can be reported if broken.

The question is, are you willing to work to earn cycles? Success and achievements don’t just come to those who want it, it’s to those who earn it.


What about a system that rewards you when you complete tasks or interact with the community. An example for a task could be: Create your first python project or Publish your first project. And you could earn cycles when you interact with the community like posting comments or replying to one (This would have a cap to prevent abuse).

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Thats not a bad idea but Replit wont be giving away free money (even though it cant be cashed out people could spend money on it). And the one with comments isent good since it would probably increase the load us moderators have

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