PKIX path building failed

So I’m making a discord bot and I downloaded a net.dv8tion.JDA package and I wanted to run my bot. This is my error: “[JDA RateLimit-Worker 1] ERROR Requester - There was an I/O error while executing a REST request: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”. there are like 100 more lines to this error and i don’t know how to fix it.
I already made a bot on my computer and it works but i don’t know how to make it work on Replit.
Thanks in advance.

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Also trying to make a discord bot here! I’m running into the same error. Did you ever get it solved?

Same error here! Did you solve it in any way :?

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Same here Hope Someone can Help.
Search about it the whole internet …found nothing :confused:

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Same error but i found that is something with certificates, before like in 2021 worked fine… im searching for a solution

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oh, me doy cuenta que no soy el unico xd, tambien me da el mismo error
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oh, I realize I’m not the only one xd, it also gives me the same error

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I also have the same error, replying in hopes of a solution

I recommend you all take a look at this other thread: PKIX path building failed - #7 by katanya024
because its the same issue. basically this is happens because java doesn’t trust the server thats trying to connect, and you need to import a trust certificate with the keytool command