Pip install chromadb: disk quota exceeded

I’m having trouble installing chromadb on a fresh python instance.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Create new Python replit
  2. In shell pip install chromadb

error: Could not install packages due to an OSError: [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded

Is there another way to approach this?


Summary: you don’t have enough space. You have to buy more :confused:


You can’t buy disk quota on Replit IIRC…


No? This should have been in a separate topic btw.


I just wanted to know so OP could use other options instead of “buying.” Kinda on topic, kinda not. I’ll delete it.

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Or you could have just edited the post to say that you meant account storage and I could have split my post in a different topic.


I have a hacker account, so I’m not sure if that improves my space.

It’s interesting that if I use a template like this:

It has chromadb included.

Or fork a replit tutorial like this:

I can run pip install chromadb

However, on a fresh Python replit, no changes, just running pip install chromadb exceeds disk quota.

Is there perhaps another configuration in these templates/tutorials that I am not aware of?

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Probably not, except maybe .replit and replit.nix files.

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On the above tutorial, this works:
pip install chromadb

However, this failed:
pip install -I chromadb

Now I’m wondering if these projects have their dependencies installed locally then are later uploaded to replit and are skirting around the space requirements.

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“I have a hacker account”

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You have a paid plan. Thats why you are able to install it. (Extra storage)
A normal account cannot install chromadb.

I have tested this while helping someone else.
I said him the steps; he installed it while i couldnt (he had pro plan)
Source: my result. His post immediately below showed he installed it.(see edit history. Idk why he deleted)

So in short, a regular user cannot install chromadb normally (there may be some way im not aware of)

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