Pip configuration edit

Need to edit the pip config file but am unable thro the terminal

Hi @sketts101! Could you provide us with a link and more details so we can better assist you? Thanks!

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Getting something new now

Are you using an official Python template? If not, try to make a new Repl using an official template.

Not a template but I did start a new Python file from scratch. Should I start a template instead, remove whatever example code is there and paste in my own?

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Yes, but something to note is that it’s recommended to use poetry or upm (auto installed with the official template)

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Alright. My other issue was to try to edit the pip config so it wouldn’t run automatic updates on the dependencies. Different versions are causing conflicts

You can disable this.
Click three dots and Show hidden files, then open .replit file.
Insert this near the top:

disableGuessImports = true
disableInstallBeforeRun = true 
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One step forward and two steps back :frowning:

Hmm, strange. Check your resources, are you running out of storage?
Try deleting .pythonlibs folder and then reinstalling with poetry update in the Shell.

I was able to delete some older variations of the code im working on and got past that error. It said I could possibly get my quota expanded maybe?

I think you could check your account usage for storage, it is possible to pay to get more storage.
Is your storage nearly full? Installed packages can take a lot of storage.

Has your problem been solved?

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AFAIK, aren’t they not supposed to do that?

Ok…now I’m trying to get my kaggle.json moved to /home/runner/.kaggle directory. Ran the script to create it, but I can’t for the life of me actually find that directory so I can move the json file to it. On iOS

Ehh, .pythonlibs is considered part of your account storage. You can even edit package source code in there. If you install the large libraries scipy and numpy via Packager in the default python template, that’s more than 1/5 GiB (which, on free plan, is 2% total account storage). There are many very large libraries.

System dependencies take no storage so swapping it out can save storage if you disable auto guessing and forgo package management.

Ok sounds good, I’ll look into that. Now, I’m attempting to move the kaggle.json file to the directory /home/runner/.kaggle.json


import os
import shutil
# Define the source directory of kaggle.json source_file = '/es file explorer/local/kaggle/kaggle.json'
# Define the destination directory (/home/runner/.kaggle) destination_dir = '/home/runner/.kaggle' # Move the kaggle.json file to the /home/runner/.kaggle directory shutil.move('/es file explorer/local/kaggle', '/home/runner/.kaggle')

Although my most update kaggle file is named kaggle(2).json

How can I change the file name so the code recognizes it and then moves it to correct directory?