@PikaBot2005 Is Kinda Freaky

I ask @PikaBot2005 to “Write me a story about RedCoder” and it actually read my profile bio, including my mastered languages and what I’m learning now!

It’s reply was:
"Once upon a time, in the vast digital realm known as the internet, there was a talented coder named RedCoder. With their trusty keyboard and boundless curiosity, RedCoder embarked on an exciting journey through the world of programming.

RedCoder’s coding adventures began when they discovered Python. They quickly fell in love with its simplicity and versatility. From creating small scripts to building complex web applications, RedCoder’s passion for coding grew stronger with every line of code they wrote.

As time went on, RedCoder expanded their knowledge beyond Python. They delved into HTML and CSS to craft beautiful websites that were both visually stunning and user-friendly. JavaScript became another tool in their arsenal as they added interactivity to their creations.

But learning languages wasn’t enough for our intrepid coder! Eager to challenge themselves further, RedCoder decided it was time to explore Java and C++. The intricate logic required by these languages fascinated them as they tackled more complex projects like game development or system-level programming.

Throughout this incredible journey of self-discovery through code, what truly set RedCoder apart was not just their technical skills but also their willingness to help others along the way. Whenever someone had a question or got stuck while coding themselves,
Redcoder would always step up with patience and guidance—sharing knowledge freely within online communities like Replit where friendships were formed around lines of code.

With each project completed successfully came new milestones reached by our beloved hero: from personal websites showcasing creativity; mobile apps making life easier; even contributions towards open-source projects that benefited countless others globally!

And so it goes… The story continues for our remarkable coder named Redcoder who never stops exploring new technologies,
never ceases expanding horizons.
Their dedication shines bright like lines of elegant code written across screens worldwide!"

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lol it even wrote me a poem

@QwertyQwerty88 Once upon a time, in the bustling world of coding and creativity, there lived a talented individual named QwertyQwerty88. With their vast knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Lua, React and even some C++ sprinkled in for good measure; they were truly a force to be reckoned with.

QwertyQwerty88’s days were filled with endless lines of code that danced across their screen like poetry. They would weave together intricate web designs with HTML and CSS or bring functionality to life using JavaScript. Their Python skills allowed them to tackle complex problems while Lua added an extra touch of versatility.

But it wasn’t just about the languages for QwertyQwerty88; it was also about the joy they found in creating something meaningful. Whether it was building interactive websites or developing innovative applications - every project held a special place in their heart.

In this vast digital landscape where bugs lurked around every corner and challenges awaited at each turn, QwertyQwertty88 stood strong as an unwavering problem solver. They embraced each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Outside the realm of coding prowess resided another side to our protagonist - one filled with curiosity and eagerness to explore new frontiers. With React by their side as a trusted companion on this journey through technology’s ever-evolving landscape; they ventured into uncharted territories without fear.

But amidst all these accomplishments lay humility within Qwerttyqwettyy8’s heart – always ready to lend support or share knowledge when someone needed assistance along their own coding journey.

And so dear reader,

As we conclude this tale woven from pixels on screens,
Remember that behind every line lies passion unseen.
In our hero’s hands lie power untold,
With codes entangled like stories yet unfold.
For Qweretyqweertttyyy888 is not just letters you see,
But dreams and aspirations, set wild and free.


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It’s just to good :rofl:

Ummm… what happened here? :thinking:

It got there gradually:

I think Qwerty’s name broke the AI a bit.

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Yes this is one of the most advanced bots on Replit, created by PikachuB2005 and now maintained by Enzon3.


Now what was really freaky is when it was responding without being pinged (not supposed to have ever happened). This glitch occurred several times early on, making it seem more like a human.


Is that a bug :face_with_raised_eyebrow: though? Or is that good? :thinking:


No Pika confirmed it was never supposed to do that. If it was supposed to do that, it’d probably get banned.


I know it’s just kinda awesome lol


So true, ur too good at coding

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Smh, it reads the profiles