Pickle, and allowing users to use it


From my understanding, Replit doesn’t allow users (other than the owner) to manage pickles (in making them) I am wondering if this is true. If it’s true, I am curious as to why. Otherwise, is there another way to save data for users in python?

I want to develop and test a project that allows local hunters to report deer in a specific local area of mine to project where deers have been spotted (which small town or locality) before releasing it more in the wild.

If I have to use SQL, one of the problems I am running into is that idk how to start really unfortunately. I can create a .sql file, but I don’t know anything (so unfortunate) about sql. I don’t know how to create its password or anything, and I am not so sure that would even be a great idea since users could see the password (while I release it to the wild, not just on replit) and potentially do an injection… whatever that is (man its terrible I never learned this…)

Local storage on replit does not work because of ghost forks.

So basically, when you run a (non-website) Repl you don’t own from the cover page, Replit will automatically fork the Repl (this is known as a ghost fork).

So, most python repls will use replit’s builtin database, which is simple to use and acts like a dictionary. I don’t know if it works outside of replit.


It would work if you share the DB url, but that gives people pretty easy access to do whatever they want to the DB.


What if the kv.replit.com db url was used? Or does that change regularly?

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I’ve heard that it can, I don’t know how often it does though. This is why it’s just recommended to use a DB proxy, if you need to share a DB.

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I just wish that we could get something like secrets to be natively integrated into python somehow. I could use a password system in a very simple way to try and mitigate this problem to only allow people authorized to make the changes necessary. Without secrets, someone who wants to would be able to obviously look at the code and find the “hard coded” password and that solution wouldn’t really help.

So, then, my next question is, is there a decent solution anyone can think of to test this out on replit? I want to try and make a python repl to store locations for hunters to look at to try and help them understand deer migrations.

This program is moreso to try and get students in my local area to actually get excited about programming and what programming can do – since they really love hunting here.

Any ideas outside of pickle? If its SQL I will need a ton of direction unfortunately lol


A thought occurred, is it looked down upon/against TOS to share a replit account? I could create a (free) replit account thats shared among the local hunters who have interest to run the program (they don’t know programming at all) and that way they can input their locations as a pickle, but it’ll be on their account?

I mean, you can use secrets in python, that just means it won’t work from cover page.

wait, if you use secrets in a repl, users can’t actually use it?

No. That would be a security risk, as the users would be able to see the secret.