Php website Always online?

I purchased Replit Core, and I want to set up a very simple PHP website that stays online consistently. How can I achieve this? I’ve tried “Reserved VM Deployment”, but it seems to only support static pages and doesn’t support PHP."

Hey @ladymamalade9 welcome to the forums!

Reserved VM deployments are for bots not websites. Instead use an Autoscale deployment for your PHP Website Repl. I hope this helps!

Make sure you dont get tons of visitors or it will charge you extra.

There’s actually 2 options when deploying a Reserved VM:

  1. Background worker. This is for bots.
  2. Web server. This is for websites if you want a 99.9% uptime.

@NateDhaliwal I usually tell people that because they usually want the cheaper option that just turns on with traffic, but yes that is an option for Reserved VM.

Reserved VM deployments definitely support servers. Static deployments are for static pages.

You’d want to use Autoscale as it’s the cheapest, especially if you have Core.