PHP or JavaScript

Hi, Im trying to make a sign up - log in website.
so will be a landing website with a sign up button and a log in button.
I’ve got the sign up part, form with: name, email, phone… etc and is saved on a mysql database.
so, what i need now is to log in with the data on the database, lets say with the email, to redirect to the logged in website.
the sign up is PHP so i was wondering if the log in could be done with a javascript script.
or could be better and easier to continue with php.

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I think you should pick one and stick to it. Adding more languages then is needed to a project only ends up complicating it and making it more difficult to work on. As someone who works in a company with a production site made Javascript, Python, and PHP spaghetti, you want to keep it simple.


Thanks invisible, :dotted_line_face: where are you… :smile:
I just was wondering if, because is just the connection and redirection could be more straight forward.

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I’ve got this form which was working fine and when I added the password field that message on the top appeared and the page doesn’t work.
Anybody knows what this message means?

Another detail is.
I had problems making the mysql connection in vscode and the message appeared just a few minutes after set the connection with the vscode extension SQLtools.
Anybody knows the reason of the message and how to fix it?

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Using JavaScript to send a request to PHP is definitely possible and might enable you to do some cool stuff like add a loading circle for example, however, if there’s no reason to use JavaScript over PHP and especially if you don’t know much JavaScript then it’s probably not worth the extra effort.