Phising warning from AVG - Site will not fully load 403 error

I am trying to view the site and it is not working. Received a Phising warning message from AVG.
Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 9.05.56 PM

1 Like is not phishing, so don’t worry.


Yes, as python660 said, it isn’t phishing, and (I hope) Replit is secure enough. Unless Replit has been hacked shouldn’t be phishing. Feel free to bypass it.


I would like to point out that “bypass” used in this context means to dismiss the warning, not circumvent replit TOS or it’s graphql API


We’re working on talking to Avast/AVG about being removed from their security notice. You’ll have to whitelist our website on their tool or disable your security temporarily.


I am able to login as of today without any issues and all areas of the site loads correctly as of today. No AVG warning is popping up.

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Thanks for the update. We had a successful request talking to Avast.


I checked to make sure that I had the latest update for the virus definitions, because I see the issue is still taking place a day ago. I was online in the account yesterday without issues, but lost power and communication went down due to a storm so I could not respond. Today I checked and I have the latest virus definition to see how you may help others. Thank you for your quick response and action. Have an awesome day!

Why did they flag the GraphQL API as malicious? Did someone use Replit comments for a malware C&C server or something?


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