Petition to turn Cycles into cash

Hello, we all know of the Replit Bounties program. You help people with code, and you get paid in Cycles. But what if you want more for your effort? What if you want to get paid in real cash through the form of Cycles? I feel that if the programmer is doing all of the hard work, it would be the same thing as a handyman fixing a house. But Cycles can only help you with Replit Upgrades. Cash can help with MANY things beyond that and can even contribute to your Replit project’s quality. Plus, you can use them to buy more Cycles, so it benefits Replit as well! Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.


This is currently being worked on and will be released to some users in the next few months I think.

Really? Awesome! I’ll take down the post. Thanks for the information!

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You won’t be able to since there are replies. And it’s best to leave this up so others can found out too!

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Alright, I edited it. Thanks!

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This is actually going to happen, but you need to know that there will be a cut when exchanging cycles into cash!

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I figured. Something similar to Roblox’s Developer Exchange.

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This is now possible I belive. I min of 10,000 cycles ($100).