Petition for an all-black theme mode

we need an all-black theme mode next.

no colors, no whites, just the dark side of the grayscale palette with a touch of the classic replit blue colors.

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Why is this in the showcase cat?

didnt mean to put it in showcase i meant to put it in general general

Greyscale on grayscale is hard to read, and Replit is designed to have an accessible color palette.


Yeah, I think that’s why they recommended it. Just as a joke.

Ha ha ha funny troll post… right?

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I totally agree. When I look at grey on black, my eyes hurt.

My brain hurts when I look at grey on black. Like, why? Why must you torture my spirit in a way that dampens the functionality that doth flows from my inner cores? Grey on black simply teased my mind with foul trickery.

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which is why we need black on black theme modes.