Persona Verification Not Working

In regards to Replit Cashout, I have been struggling with my Persona KYC. It hasn’t been working and I’ve been in contact with Replit Support and my Cashout Representative to no avail. I’ve completed the forms and finished the Persona KYC. However it keeps repeating that identity could not be verified at the photo part. I see no reason for this to happen aside that maybe that all my documents do not have recent pictures. Or makeup, different styles, etc.

If you could see the submissions, I hope it could be looked into or at least it should be sufficient that a social security, an official tax form, and a government document are sufficient. I’ve provided all.

Replit Profile:

Any assistance? I’ve emailed support/cashout rep. multiple times.

Do you have the minimum amount of cycles to cash out?

It’s alright, I’ve received a reply from the Replit Cashout team and they’ve fixed everything. Thanks for inquiring!

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