Persona Verification For First Time Cash Out

Hey. I m new here but I was able to earn about 36k bounty which I want to cash out. Following the documentation, I mailed with the necessary title (Cycles Cash Out - Adesh-420) and the amount on the body. How long does it takes to receive a persona verification link? I mailed around 12hr ago. So Little bit worried that I may have done not something correctly.

Welcome to the forums @Adesh-420!

I’m assuming this is your profile on Replit. You seem to have around 28000 cycles (from bounties). If you read the FAQs in Replit’s official documentation on bounties, you will see you are supposed to have at least 35,000 cycles before cashing out. The Replit team are quite reasonable so they may be lenient and allow you to cashout without 35,000 cycles, but they also might not let you so be aware of this.

Second, something you might not have noticed that I want to point out is that when you cashout, Replit takes a 25% fee, and depending on where your bank is you may be charged additional fees (I think it’s $20 USD for anywhere outside of the US but I don’t know for sure).

When I went through the cashout process for the first time, I received a response the next day (you need to take differences in time zones into account and when business days are). The team is pretty fast at responding so don’t expect too long of a wait, but also remember this is a manual process at the same time.

If you haven’t found this already, you will also be directed here to fill out some additional forms. You can fill that in in advance to speed up the process just a little.

I believe all of this information is saved for subsequent cashouts, so subsequent cashouts should be a little faster.


Yes I earned about 28k and got 8k bonous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I heard about the 25% cut that was heart breaking nonetheless, its what it is. I didnt knew about the extra charges other than taxes so really appreciate the info. I have filled the cashout forms an hour ago. Thank you for helping me you have made me feel assured. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the 8k bonus was given via Tips, you cannot cash that out. You can only cashout cycles earnt by just Bounties.


wait why??? why would i not be able to cash out tips?

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So I am only allowed to use the tips within replit for features only?

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If I return it back via tip to other person. Which cycle will get deducted? Man this is confusing and I might end up with not enough cycles at the end.

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I believe you will only be able to purchase power ups and other things on Replit with tips. If you return the money to the person via tip, there’s a 10% (I’m pretty sure) transaction fee.

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