How do we get the code that was announced as part of Core yesterday? I’m a user and want to try out the paid version.

Hi @braydenhaws , welcome to the forums!
Have you paid for the plan? You’ll need to buy it first.

Same problem here: I have core but don’t have the code yet.
(It said that it will be mailed to me 1-2 days ago)

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Yes I have Core here in Replit. The email said the code would come yesterday but never did.

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It’s already two days. Are we getting the code or no?

I’ve reached out on Twitter and through support. Haven’t heard anything back yet.

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:frowning: have you heard anything now?

Support got back to me yesterday. They told me to check my spam, wasn’t there. Then they sent me a new code. Seems like that is the best option.

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Did it work though…?

Yeah it did. They didn’t give instructions or anything. But you need to signup for a monthly plan and there is a place to put the code in. Just don’t forget to unsubscribe before the end of the 4 months I guess

Please do contact Support if you received an email that you were going to get a Perplexity code but never did. We’ll help you out.


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