permanent redirect


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Hi @boknoyheraldo , welcome to the forums!
What redirect is this? Could you elaborate on your problem?

when i run the repl showing on my console Down my repl. co is permanent redirect

Aee you referring to the domain of your website redirecting to the editor? Yes, this happens because Replit has new urls. Run your project, then press New Tab and copy the url. That’s the new url.
However, this link only works if you are running the repl in the editor. Others won’t be able to view the site.


If you are referring to the old domain and how they were free domains for people to create websites, they deprecated that and now you are required to use a thing called Deployments to make a website like that.

The only difference now is the URL instead of, it’s [name here]

For me, a regular static deployment was free when I deployed my game, Talk To Bobby, a few days ago.